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Safe Information Exchange

When we say ‘all-inclusive’, we really mean it. PhoneMonitor lets you track literally everything that happens on or even around the target device. We need to trust our employees, but we also need to think about the security of our company data and business interests.

With PhoneMonitor, you can check call logs and recordings, all text messages and social media chats, get real-time insight into the current activity and surrounding audio and video and more. This helps make sure that your employees aren’t sharing confidential information via text, e-mail or during calls. It also protects data in case the phone is stolen or lost, since you can find out its location at any point in time and control it remotely.

Keep Employees Focused

All work and no play certainly does make Jack a dull boy. But let’s ensure the play part is not done on company-owned devices, shall we?

PhoneMonitor gives you an extensive list of efficient monitoring features. Gain full control and insight into the target device to supervise what your employees are doing while at work or out on the field. Ensure no non-work related websites are visited and no unauthorized apps are downloaded. This will reduce distractions and increase productivity and efficiency among employees, as well as prevent potential threats to company data.

What PhoneMonitor Will Do For You

What are the benefits of employee monitoring for your company?

Here are just a few of the great advantages using our phone tracking app will bring to your business success.

Maximum data security

There are threats lurking everywhere in the cyber world. One wrong click and all your confidential data is in the wrong hands. With PhoneMonitor, you can track website and app usage to make sure nothing suspicious or malicious is going on. Ensure company information is kept safe at all times.

Insider threat prevention

Someone may have a hidden agenda and you have no idea. Monitoring calls, live audio and video, text messages, exchanged files and more can help detect insiders who may have bad intentions for the company.

Boosted productivity

We’re not trying to treat employees as machines, but sometimes certain apps and websites weaken focus and productivity. Use our monitoring features and statistics, to see what your employee is spending the most time on. If necessary, you can even block distracting or potentially malicious sites and apps and protect your business efficiency and security.

Optimizing processes

Checking calls, e-mails, messages and general phone activity lets you gather insight into employee’s work routines and methods. You can analyze your findings and use them to optimize resource allocation, business strategies and customer service for higher client satisfaction and sales.

See Why PhoneMonitor is the #1 Choice?

Your business success needs the valuable insight only a comprehensive monitoring app like PhoneMonitor can provide. Especially if you’re a real estate business owner or logistics company.

Happy Clients Have Happy Stories

"I really like PhoneMonitor app! It's great. I want to thank the support team because they always help me quickly with whatever I need. They helped me install the app, recover deleted messages, and use other features. This app is perfect for parents who aren't very good with technology."


"I'm a busy mom of two teenagers who are always online. As a parent, I worry a lot about their safety. Thanks to PhoneMonitor, I can see their messages and GPS location whenever I want, which gives me peace of mind. It's important to keep our kids safe, and PhoneMonitor helps me do that effortlessly."


"Quiero agradecer a PhoneMonitor y al equipo por ayudarme a darme cuenta de que mi hija recibía mensajes inapropiados y compartía fotos con sus compañeros de clase. Instalé PhoneMonitor en su teléfono y pude ver la verdad, lo que nos ayudó a abordar el problema con la escuela."