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Other Features

Remotely access and manage literally everything on your child’s or employee’s device. Prevent data leaks, stranger danger, inappropriate content, etc. All without having to root the phone.

With PhoneMonitor You Can:

Record the surrounding audio remotely.
Retrieve the current GPS position of the phone.
Recover data remotely, including SMS messages, call data, contacts, history, social network activity, etc.
Take a screenshot or photo.
Retrieve comprehensive phone information.
Hide or show the PhoneMonitor icon on the menu.
Enable or disable Wi-Fi.
Restart the phone.
Block the phone entirely (only available on operating systems older than Android 6.0).
Format the phone and more.
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Any Restrictions?

These features have no restrictions.

Why is this feature useful?

Remote control of a device has never been easier. You can use PhoneMonitor to access and manage literally everything on your child’s or employee’s device. You can prevent data leaks, stranger danger, inappropriate content… Anything you can think of. And all that without having to root the phone.

Happy Clients Have Happy Stories

"I really like PhoneMonitor app! It's great. I want to thank the support team because they always help me quickly with whatever I need. They helped me install the app, recover deleted messages, and use other features. This app is perfect for parents who aren't very good with technology."


"I'm a busy mom of two teenagers who are always online. As a parent, I worry a lot about their safety. Thanks to PhoneMonitor, I can see their messages and GPS location whenever I want, which gives me peace of mind. It's important to keep our kids safe, and PhoneMonitor helps me do that effortlessly."


"Quiero agradecer a PhoneMonitor y al equipo por ayudarme a darme cuenta de que mi hija recibía mensajes inapropiados y compartía fotos con sus compañeros de clase. Instalé PhoneMonitor en su teléfono y pude ver la verdad, lo que nos ayudó a abordar el problema con la escuela."


Ready to Get Started?

This is what you need:

Physical access to the target device

Internet access on your Android device

Enough battery (25% and more recommended)