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Shipping damage accounts for 20% of the returns.
Using the power of digital technologies that can boost earnings by up to 13%.
The biggest challenge in last-mile delivery is reducing logistics costs.

* Source: financesonline.com

Whatever You Need Monitored, We Got You!

Supervise Calls

View all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, including the duration, time and caller info. Listen to all the recordings. Learn more about features like Tracking Call Logs, Call Recording, and Blocking Calls.

Live Viewing

Get a live feed from the target device’s screen to check the current activity on the phone. Or discover what’s around the device thanks to the Live Audio, Video and Screen viewing feature.

GPS Location

PhoneMonitor tracks the GPS location of the target device in real-time. You can also view location history for the target device and compare it to Google Maps data. Learn more about our GPS Position History and Real-time Tracking.

Remote Control

Remotely access the target device from your convenient user dashboard, available through any internet-connected browser. Get full control of the device and make use of Audio Recording, Taking a Picture, SMS Commands, and Other Features.

Perfect Solution for Trucking Businesses

All-inclusive Tracking Features

If there’s ever been a business where tracking is key, it’s logistics. Sure, there’s dedicated tracking software for this industry. But what if you could monitor literally every single little thing? From GPS history to the actual real-time activity and surroundings? PhoneMonitor’s wide range of features makes it easier than ever.

Lots of regular tracking apps are prone to bugs and inaccuracies. With PhoneMonitor, you can remotely supervise the real-time situation. You can accurately track the current location, see and hear live surroundings, and assess the exact shipment status. This helps make necessary adjustments and save time and cost.

Safety First

We can’t forget the crucial importance of safety on the road at all times. You can use the app to monitor your drivers’ behavior, such as their speed and braking habits. This helps you identify any potential safety issues, so you can improve your driver training programs. Plus, thanks to live viewing you can make sure the phone isn’t being used actively while driving.

You need to put your drivers first, and PhoneMonitor helps you get there.

Powerful Shipment Protection

The more information you have and the more diverse it is, the more you can power up shipment security. Our app features go beyond just the real-time location, making it easy to spot outside factors that may pose potential risk to the shipment, as well as picture the entire route taken. That ensures transparency and accountability.

This way it’s much simpler to prevent shipment damage or theft. And if something does happen to it, you can use the collected data to figure out what happened and where. Identify weak points in the route and take precautions next time.

How PhoneMonitor Boosts Your Logistics Success

What benefits does employee monitoring software bring for your logistics business?

Boost productivity

You can see how much time employees spend on each client. You can also see if they're making personal calls or using their phones for non-work-related activities. This helps understand and adjust resource allocation, and ensure employees are always staying on task.

Supervise customer interactions

Monitor how employees are communicating with clients and handling different customer requirements. You can view every message and email and listen to every single call. This can help you identify potential issues before they escalate and provide better customer service.

Skyrocketing customer service

With hundreds of thousands of shipments each day, not every delivery can be perfect, but it can get pretty close. Monitor your drivers’ phones to ensure timely shipments in great condition and good communication with customers. This will boost your client satisfaction rates in no time.

Theft and fraud prevention

Use our comprehensive monitoring to make sure shipments are not being diverted or stolen. Cargo theft is a massive issue that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks to PhoneMonitor, that won’t be happening to your business.

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"I really like Phone Monitor app! It's great. I want to thank the support team because they always help me quickly with whatever I need. They helped me install the app, recover deleted messages, and use other features. This app is perfect for parents who aren't very good with technology."


"I'm a busy mom of two teenagers who are always online. As a parent, I worry a lot about their safety. Thanks to Phone Monitor, I can see their messages and GPS location whenever I want, which gives me peace of mind. It's important to keep our kids safe, and Phone Monitor helps me do that effortlessly."


"Quiero agradecer a Phone Monitor y al equipo por ayudarme a darme cuenta de que mi hija recibía mensajes inapropiados y compartía fotos con sus compañeros de clase. Instalé Phone Monitor en su teléfono y pude ver la verdad, lo que nos ayudó a abordar el problema con la escuela."


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