How it Works

With Phone Monitor you can easily track app usage, monitor calls and messages, download photos or videos from the device, and more.

Watch our video below to see the app in action - or try it yourself with an INTERACTIVE demo! Scroll further down to see the individual steps of getting the app.

What You Need?

Physical access to Android device
Internet access on the device
Enough battery (25% and more recommended)

Step 1

Claim your free trial or buy the app

Test the app for 24 hours for free or purchase a subscription plan right away.

Product screenshot

Step 2

Install the app

Install the App from our Free Install page or after receiving your download link via email after your payment. You will be prompted to create a username and password for your personal Phone Monitor account. There you will find guidelines on how to use the app

Product screenshot

Step 3

Log in to view activities

The application will start to work in stealth mode right after installation. It will still stay active even in the event the Phone Monitor target device is turned off for some time. All the logs will be uploaded once the phone gets an internet connection.

You can log in to your personal Phone Monitor account to review the info. Tracking Features are categorized in the log entries located on the left side.

Product screenshot

Get efficient assistance from dedicated experts

Installation Assistance

Want to make sure the installation runs smoothly? No worries - you can get one-time remote assistance from one of our certified technicians!

We're here to ensure a seamless setup and eliminate any errors you may face, so you can start making the most of your Phone Monitor subscription right away.

*Note: You will need physical access to the target device.

Priority Support

We want you to feel like a VIP. For the entire duration of your subscription, you will receive prioritized technical support via live chat, telephone or email. Each of your concerns will be addressed as promptly and effectively as possible.

*Note: This premium service ends when your subscription runs out. To continue receiving VIP support, a subscription renewal will be required.